Assalaam alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. This introduction is designed to give you necessary information about the school, as you are, quite rightly anxious to secure the very best for your child.

Our hopeful class of students from different expatriate families and ethnicity should contribute to our school’s diversity and rich cultural fabric.


All senior boarding staff is planned to attain Child psychology qualifications and are warm and caring in their roles as advisors and mentors. They shall nurture the students in mind and physically.


The boarding school is a precinct surrounded by a peaceful, leafy courtyard, located in a serene area. Construction in progress for our modern library close by to the residents for unrestricted entry period. Currently, students have great access to e-learning with restricted internet surfing. With a masjid and resident Islamic scholar to guide on all etiquettes of a Muslim life towards attaining the best in both lives.


This includes disallowing free mixing and same sex body exposure based on Islamic rulings. Shared common rooms with controlled TV stations, games, dinning, as well as ensuite modern bathrooms and laundry areas, are features of Junior and Senior Boarding precincts.

We believe we are a unique corps of Muslim modern teachers as we poised to work with parents to give students manners, civility and attitude to pursue excellence to succeed in both lives.

With Allah’s support, we shall make Fadhl campus a community where lessons are ensured learnt and not just taught.
May He be our support. Aameen.


We offer a meal time table of African dishes. We have a garden where appreciable quantity of our food materials shall be naturally grown by us( we and our students) and allow the students to eat fresh vegetables right from farm. Junks consumption shall be minimized. Our students shall be exposed to learning farm management(crop and animal) to commercial level.


Our students shall have scheduled routines for domestic chores as we expect every graduating child to have ability of survival in any condition and adaptability to all status of life without compromising Islamic values.


Our faculty of academic staff, who are managers of not more than 5 students each and not mere class teachers, chat with and monitor students each day and are available to be contacted by phone, skype and email after school hours, in order to create positive communication links with each learner. The school’s mobile phone policy enables boarders to contact their parents on weekends. Email and Skype access are also available.


Fully supervised study times, after-school tutorials for core subjects and evening tutorial assistance by resident staff and tutors are just some of the measures that are in place to provide academic support for weak students. With our Perfected Math Model, learning math would be a pleasure to all students.

We have Individualized Edu program in place for slow and fast learners. With our reach out to other highly rated schools, we shall expose our students to various competition, making them become a better Muslim in the society at large.

Academic reports are provided via Parent Log-in for each week and parents are invited to take part in Parent-Teacher Interviews once a term.


Our weekend boarding program provides students with opportunities to enjoy the many cultural and recreational activities.

Life skills, leadership training, entrepreneur ship workshop, community/volunteer service, Arabic village, sports, study trips, chatting with role models and many more.