By Hameedah Sodamade

An alien has appeared,
just to change everyone’s taste
from sweetness to bitterness;
gripped everyone in fear
and allow the cold hands to dominate

The fear of this virus
sends people to hideout
And made them see
who they really are

Our minds are filled
With the ailment that has neither hands nor legs
But just a life in animal

It’s predecessors came and were buried alive
With the help of the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth
We believe He is awrare of this
And would save us from it
For He is the forgiver and the merciful

2 Thoughts to “CORONAVIRUS – The Alien”

  1. Alagbe, Monsurah Abimbola

    Ma Shaa ALlaah….well done to the blessed student.

    Barakahllah fe’eh 🤲🏽!

    1. Management

      Amin, Jazakumlahu Khairan!

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