By Ismail Sodamade

The Disease of Diseases;

Caused by a small invisible living thing.

Sent by the Only One God.

As a test to humanity.

Which cannot be easily manipulated by any force or influence.

Why did you arrive COVID-19?


A disease sent to man.

By His Creator.

To show us His powers.

Now, no one has a means to combat it yet,

It spreads like a wild fire

A pandemic not an epidemic.



Made us stay at home.

Caused us not to shake hands.

Preventing us from having contact with friends, family and foes.

Most of us are in hunger.

Food in our homes reduce everyday

Why COVID-19?


The most powerful country can’t provide a vaccine.

You came to tell us to go back to our lord.

Cases increase everyday.

People die daily.

Now we are seeing the signs of God.

His powers are manifesting.


A disease that came suddenly.

Affected many things in the world.

The Holy House of Allah was closed down.

Because of you ‘COVID-19

The people that said they are going to remove it in a minute are now the most affected.

Why did you arrive!



Let’s go back to our lord

Let’s ask for forgiveness

Christians, Muslims, Traditionalist

Go into deep thoughts

Think about your past sins


A virus that spreads easily

It doesn’t care whether rich or poor

Strong or Weak

Famous or Infamous

Master or Servant

Government or Citizen

Adult or Teenager

Teenager or Infant

Healthy or Unhealthy


Let’s have a new life

When we are cleansed of our sins

Then the only God will remove this disease

Before RAMADAN comes

Lets ask for forgiveness from ALLAH


One Thought to “COVID-19”

  1. Alagbe, Monsurah Abimbola

    Hmm… SINS, may Allah look down and forgive us all.

    Allahswt’s rahman, wadud, and barakah shall continue to be upon all these students…. jazakumllah khaeran to all the tutors in the school and around the world.

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