By Habeeblah Olayiwola-Oloko

Born in China
Grew up in Italy
Schooled in America
Became a big business man in Nigeria

Covid 19
Corona virus infectious disease
A great phenomenon of our time
Shaker and mover of the whole universe
Forcing the world to become a level playing ground
Respecter of neither the super powers nor the backward nations
Forcing all to be on their kneels
Begging for forgiveness of sins

Forcing all to wash hands without any food to eat
Making all to cover nose and face without being in purdah
Forcing all disbelievers to believe that God is one and Supreme
Facing all directions in prostration without minding the position of Qiblah

Oh Corona virus!
A great warning
of a possible punishment to come

Soon your death shall come
We shall announce your obituary in Africa

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