By Amal Ghazali Omotayo

Death! Death!! Death!!!

See people running here and there

Because of this life changer known as Corona Virus

Bam! Goes the doors

Klick! Goes the windows

Stay indoors!!! That’s the instruction


The sight of foreigners

Brings happiness and excitement

Now! The sight of a white man

It is a head start to be on your way

Corona virus

People with great hospitality

Now welcome people reluctantly

Corona virus,

Rode silently into the world, collected the crown

Majestically and fiercely, it raided towns


See how the people of the world die in numbers

Which makes the heart really bitter

Started with one

and ended up killing people in tonnes

people are dying


The number of deaths in Italy

Correspond with the fear in me

Hospitals are getting full

Doctors and nurses are getting confused

Not knowing the approach to take and what medicine to give


Normally any simple thing that happens to a person

The first option is hospital

But on the sound of hospital

It’s something worth crying for

Corona virus


Whatever goes up comes down

In this situation, whatever comes must goes

This corona has come and now it must go

And I pray it won’t take us along

Corona virus


This is an unfortunate situation

I hope we’ll be there to narrate to the upcoming generation

Corona virus



3 Thoughts to “Coronavirus”

  1. Alagbe, Monsurah Abimbola

    This is indeed nice and informative.. May Allahswt continue to increase the young lass in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    Barakahllah fe’eh!

  2. Alagbe, Monsurah Abimbola

    May Allahswt continue to bless this young talent with wisdom for this wonderful piece.

    Very informative indeed 👌🏽!

    Barakahllah fe’eh!

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