By Murtiala Muneerah


The Whole World is scared and fearful of one thing;

The master of diseases;
The master of fear;
The master of disaster;
The master of the pandemic itself.. COVID-19

Who are you?
You prove to be the fearful of the most fearful illnesses.
The deadly of the most deadly diseases.
The wicked of the most wicked pandemic.
The Coronavirus Pandemic

Leave Nigeria alone.
Ebola came, we destroyed him.
Lassa fever came, we conquered her.
Now you have come trying to prove you are the master of all the viral illnesses.

We know this is a punishment from God Almighty, the everlasting.
We know you are sent by the most high to come and give us what we deserve, to set our brain back to factory/ default settings.
We know the most high said whenever he wants to punish the guilty ones, he also punishes the innocent ones.
We have in these few months and most trying period of life learned, and understood that we are nothing but a pen in the hands of our Creator.

Most high, give us a second chance, and send down your Rahman to take this pandemic, COVID-19 out of this world into the bottomless pit of destruction, and give peace back to the World.

We plead unto you, Ya most high.
Movements have been restricted to curb the spread of this virus..
Nations, all over the world, are economically going down.
Everyone now knows the true meaning of freedom.

Ya Lateef, please have mercy on us.
Consider the innocent kids, as well as devoted ones.
We are sobbing for your grace to see us through.
Children want to go back to schools.
Adults want to go back to work.
We all want our lives back.

COVID-19 ,
Why are you just spreading like an oil or kerosene dropped on a paper?
Why are you jumping everywhere like a wildfire?
Your fear is like a gunshot
We say LEAVE, LEAVE, for our God has forgiven us.

COVID 19 ,
You’re already a forgotten story, a gonna indeed.
We have repented and called unto our Creator,
He promised he will always answer when we call on Him
He shall surely answer us..
And listen COVID-19,
You are already defeated, for you shall have the worst experience in your life by coming to “NIGERIA”

Masha Allah!

One Thought to “COVID-19”

  1. Alagbe, Monsurah Abimbola

    Masha Allah.

    May Allahswt send down His rahman to give us another chance, yes did I read “second chance”? We need the chance, which starts at this moment to move closer to our Creator and forsake all our past sinful ways…

    Barakahllah fe’eh 🤲🏽 to you, dearest sister, and well done to the school management, may you all be rewarded in abundance!

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